Don’t use this software: Gruntworx


With the new tax plan “overhaul” of 2018 I knew that this year was going to be a special type of hell.  I was not expecting to run into obstacles at every turn from dealing with the Internal Revenue Service, the tax preparation software company (Drake Software), their affiliates Gruntworx and SecureFilePro, the unaware individual taxpayer’s, and every company or business that sends documentation out late.


Gruntworx describes their software and service as “time saving” and states that on average they save over an hour of preparation time. Lies, all lies. After uploading 134 clients costing a total of $510.50, I am thoroughly dissatisfied and there isn’t any recourse for me at this point but I am hoping to really save folks time.  In fact, I stopped using the software but they don’t give “refunds” so the remaining funds held in the balance that weren’t used are going to be held there indefinitely. Cool, real cool.


Let’s go back to mid tax season when things were crazy.  I am the sole person running the show in my office and I have over 500 clients.  Yes, it’s no surprise that I would be very interested in saving time, this year especially, by using software to streamline certain data entry processes.  Turns out, you’re just sending the information over to Joe Shmo who may or may not be qualified or as qualified as you to do the job.  On multiple occasions data was entered incorrectly or not entered at all, yet you’re still charged “per page”.


Here’s an example, I uploaded a 1099-R and when it was completed and downloaded (and paid for) on the check of the return the federal ID number was entered incorrectly, there was an error for the amount of  gross distribution income and the address was entered incorrectly.  The amount was supposed to be $10,000 and they entered $100,000. So, basically I have to delete/redo what they did and pay for it.  Wasting time!  This happened to me countless times, I laughed out loud often.


Another example, I uploaded 1098-E’s for student loan interest, never entered.  Either the folks don’t know how to enter it in the software, or they need to say “Hey, don’t upload documents like that because we don’t accept them”.  – If this is in the user agreement, please send that over.  A representative that I spoke with this morning couldn’t find anything in the user agreement, yet swore things were in there. And another thing…. NOONE gives two F’s about your stupid user agreement. You don’t even know how your software works or where the user agreement is.   You see, I called last month to ask some clarifying questions and apparently was given the wrong information by an employee, I hate when that happens. Magically, there is a record of other calls made with within the same time frame but the notes in question are missing.  Seems suspect.


I was told that I wouldn’t be charged unless the data was “downloaded” into my software. So, I uploaded my clients as they came in but after many days for some files, I’m talking 4 or 5 days that my documents had been uploaded, I finally prepared the returns myself (when they say it’s supposed to be less than 24 hour turnaround) .  Still, a few more days later those returns were “completed” in Gruntworx  but I never downloaded them (one of those laugh out loud moments).   Turns out, you still have to pay for that.


Gruntworx makes you purchase “tokens” in increments, but if you don’t use all the money they don’t give it back. I will never use this software again, yet I’ve got funds in there, it’s just not customer service like and it doesn’t show that you back your product.  I don’t want to use your service because it doesn’t work as advertised, but I’m forced to or simply lose the money. Alrighty.


Anyway, take my advise and stick to your own processes and don’t use Gruntworx, you will save yourself time and money.









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