Appropriate communication for business


Text messages are not the appropriate communication for some businesses.  Accounting, finance, and tax preparation are some types of businesses that require a way of communicating that produces a professional trail.   In the event that the situation must be referred to many years down the line,  all of the information must/will be in the same place and easily accessible.


We can always have phone calls to discuss whatever you like until your heart’s content, but ultimately that information will still end up in an e-mail of some sort to ‘confirm’; e-mails are more appropriate because they originate a hard copy and documentation of what is discussed.


Essentially, you prepare your return’s once a year or apply for various things throughout the year.  When it’s time to do these things, be proactive and responsible and check your snail mail, e-mails, and voicemails for correspondence and respond in the same manner…  save the texts for social event’s or your buddies.


Be sure to check out for more information including downloadable templates for budgets and business.



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