About me – Pauline’s Tax Service


My name is Stephanie and I own and operate Pauline’s tax service.  I have been preparing returns for about 13 years. The business was passed down to me when Pauline suddenly passed away, however I was in training to take over so that she could retire initially.   I enjoy certain aspects and I am not fond of others, but hey what job is perfect?  My mission is to inform the public of items within the scope of the IRC that will aid in the preparation of returns so that ultimately you pay the least amount of tax required.

I work year round and have an office but I mainly work from home.  I have created a system where documents can be transferred easily and securely which allows me to be able to prepare returns remotely.  We can complete the whole process without either of us “going into the office”.

I have 3 dogs and a fiance; I hope to get married someday.



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