About me – Pauline’s Tax Service

My name is Stephanie. I am not married (I am engaged though) and I don’t have any kids.  I have 3 wonderful pups and they give me plenty of joy.

I was introduced to the tax prep profession by my grandma, Pauline Parris, in roughly 2005.  She had many clients that she adored and was adamant in finding a replacement for them for when she retired.  I was the only one available, and she passed before retirement came.

I’ve been preparing tax returns for 12 years now, and I love and hate my job all at the same time.  I love the knowledge that I contain about the subject(s).  I love sharing that information with others. I love being self-employed. I love saving people $$, lots of money.  I love responding to the IRS’ bogus claims and coming out on top. I love helping small business owners.

BUT the thing that I would like individuals to think about is… Your tax professional is only as good as the information you give them; and they’re not with you all year long while your leading a life full of economic transactions that have tax consequences. So, there is a fair (basic) amount that everyone who works in this society should know.  Additionally, having a basic understanding of the different taxes we have will only save YOU money. Participate in a little tax planning which only involves organization and record keeping and we’ll be all good.

What sets Pauline’s Tax Service apart is experience but also being able to prepare and e-file the returns without having to come into the office. I call it “remote processing” or preparing the returns remotely.  We’re all busy, traffic in Denver is crazy right now, and I am all about efficiency.  Some enjoy that face to face contact so we have an office on 124th and Huron.



The more you know, the more you’ll grow.