Daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks for bookkeeping and accounting.




Daily Tasks

  1. Enter every business transaction into either a spreadsheet or software like quickbooks. Simply keep receipts somewhere accessible for 7 years.  If you run a paperless life, BACKUP  your data OFTEN. Recreating a years’ financials can be crippling but if you keep good records and receipts you will be in great shape.
  2. Invoice clients/customers.  Create a filing system for clients and customers and keep records of all correspondence,  services performed, and billing information.
  3. Make cash deposits.

Weekly Tasks

  1. Run a weekly cash flow report and check that your data entries and filing are complete.
  2. Run Accounts payable.
  3. Run Accounts receivable.
  4. Check for overdo’s

Monthly tasks

  1. Monthly bookkeeping – gather additional last minute receipts and bank statements and credit card statements to enter into software or spreadsheets.
  2. Reconcile – Reconciliations are imperative to ensure there are no errors and all data is included.

Quarterly tasks

  1. Sales tax, employee payroll tax, income tax
  2. review and print financial reports, utilize your software.


Create a folder on your desktop or somewhere on your computer to file documents and separate things by year.   Statements, invoices, TAX DOCS, etc… Create folders within the folder to separate items.


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