Don’t let bad weather delay the processing of your 2015 tax returns.

-Friday 01/29/2016 – they’re predicting Denver to dump over a foot of snow between Monday and Tuesday this week.  Me, personally, I hate driving in the snow.  For your convenience I’ll be accepting e-mailed documents to prepare returns remotely if the need arises.


To send your W2’s, 1099’s, and other supporting documents 

~open a new e-mail..

~attach the documents that you receive from the various vendors and institutions.

~in the main box describe any changes you may have had or if everything is the same.

  • Did you move, change your phone number or email address.
  • Did you get married or get a divorce.
  • Which dependents are you claiming.
  • Did you buy or sell your house.
  • Did you withdraw or contribute to your 401k or IRA.
  • Are you going to Direct Deposit your refund, routing and account number.
  • list your charitable contributions.
  • don’t forget the own tax on your car registration if your Itemizing Deductions.


~if I have questions for you I’ll let you know. I’ll send your client copy to your e-mail for you to review and if everything looks good you can pay your tax prep fees over the phone or in a return e-mail.


If this works for you, e-mail






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