E-mail or Fax Option: Submit the documents to prepare your tax returns remotely.

I would generally prefer to prepare returns remotely for many reasons.  One of the largest reasons being a simple one.  It’s hard to just come out and say because it seems offensive, but for real.  90% of the time clients who enter my office to prepare their returns forget something.  Without fail a social security number, a W2, that 401K that was taken out in January is forgotten. E-mail and/or fax is just easier simply for convenience and efficiency.

Sometimes you simply have to wait for additional informational . For example some documents aren’t even mailed out until early March.  Yes, that’s not illegal.


The process is super easy and there are multiple ways to do it so I’m flexible.

Direct e-mail works well if you have access to scanning the documents in (smart phones have apps for this) and are knowledgeable about re-saving  documents and attaching them.  Sending detailed informational e-mails.

Send fax with cover letter and  all documents.  Then, we switch to e-mail to finalize.  Either the final copies will be e-mailed or mailed to you.  Debit/Credit cards are accepted for your convenience.


E-mail stephanie@paulinestaxservices.com

Fax number 855-637-9552




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