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IMPORTANT information about certain credits!!!


Many taxpayers qualify for refundable credits like the Earned Income Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit.  The IRS has announced that returns containing certain credits like the ones mentioned will not be processed until February 15th regardless of when they were submitted.


The IRS will begin accepting all other returns on January 23rd. Expect delays this year concerning most returns and budget accordingly.  REFUNDS WILL BE DELAYED.



To complete the process as seamlessly and tirelessly as possible ensure that you have all of your documents before sending them over to be prepared.  Check out the Tax Planning document at or contact Stephanie at for your personalized copy.  Make sure to send your documents securely with the client portal.


Items to remember:

-W2’s, 1099’s including MISC and Retirement funds, and all other income

-1098’s (Mortgage Interest and insurance; Student loan Interest)

-1095’s (Health Care)


  • contributions
  • emloyee unreimbursed expenses
  • medical expenses
  • OWN Tax
  • Prior years’ tax prep fees




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