Almost the worst customer service ever – Shopify! Fail.

As a small business owner I often find myself in a position to expand business services while at the same time maximizing dollars to put towards expenses.  This fine afternoon I had the bright idea to “just add an online store” to my website to make it more convenient for my clients to make payments against their accounts. Godaddy hosts my site but it didn’t even occur to me to check with their affiliates.  I got on trusty Google and went on a tangent.

Before I knew it I was signed up for Shopify and my current website was redirected to shopify’s password or something site. Either way it wasn’t what I was looking for. I was looking for a software, like paypal, that was embedded on my page for clients to click to pay their invoices (but be able to adjust their payments due). When I realized shopify/amazon pay or whatever the heck i signed up for wasn’t what I was looking for I tried reversing everything I remembered doing initially but still my website was redirected somewhere else.


So I called shopify, although not an easy task. I was on hold for a solid 20 minutes when I was greeted by a not so knowledgeable JoeShmo.  He wasn’t privy to my issue and instead of letting me be on my marry way to figure it out myself he preceded to tell me its on Godaddy’s side and to change my DNS settings.  Hey guy, you’re a loser.

Meanwhile, still thinking logically to myself. “you signed up for this shit, you must cancel” -smacks self in head- because I was just on the phone with that guy who should have “cancelled” me right up…

I’ll cut right to the chase.  In shopify – settings, close store.  Website restored.

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