SMC$Hint(s): Do these things now, be less angry later!


Quickly, because contrary to popular belief, my job doesn’t just end on April 15th every year, a few public service announcements…


A big thank you to everyone who checked in on my well-being this tax season.  It was especially difficult rolling out and implementing a new tax plan to hundreds of folks that didn’t understand the previous version of this shit show.


Secondly, if you’re receiving an email from me every morning at 4 am, it’s most likely because you didn’t follow the instructions to login to the portal and check the messages and/or download your client copy that I sent to you for review.


Third, if you were pissed this year because you didn’t realize that all last year you weren’t withholding as much money as the prior year or the correct amount of tax in general, “they” are adjusting things again this year…. so, the same thing is happening right now.  Know your TAX from Tax Year 2018 and review your paycheck stub’s YTD’s to determine your withholding’s.

*The object of this game is no refund, no balance due *

  • Hint #1 If you have multiple jobs, they’re supposed to be added together.
  • Hint #2: Don’t include social security or Medicare tax withheld when calculating federal or state income tax information.


It is every individual taxpayer’s responsibility to understand this stuff, and if you don’t or can’t, in most cases, it might not be you, it’s the system. We need a real system of taxation!


Other helpful HINTS

Form W4 = Employees Withholding certificate; employee of someone else.

form W9 = Self-employed person required to give their business information for work performed, not an employee of someone else.

Form W2 = Employee’s Wage and Tax statement (employee of someone else and in most cases cannot deduct un-reimbursed employee business expenses).

1099 Misc (this is not a W2) = Generally, self employed income or Rents received (think subcontractors, taxi driver, or landlord’s;  business expenses can be deducted).


Alright, well there’s enough information to blow your minds for a few.





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